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Shannon CoeMy name is Shannon Coe and some days my life is a bit of a mess.

By the grace of God, I have been married for 30 years this summer. Since then, I’ve raised 4 valiant sons and have been blessed with 2 wonderful daughters in-law, whom I dearly love. All these blessings have been pressed down, shaken together, and then topped off with 4 grandchildren running all over the place! photo (9)

I live a simple life in a village in West Virginia. God brought our family here to do some work for His Kingdom 23 years ago and we’ve never left.

I am a life long learner.

I try to be crafty though sadly, it nearly always turns out crappy.

36966_441534715852_3043360_nI play a few instruments, but only well enough to have some fun.

I am a certified Family Herbalist.

I absolutely love to study and teach the Word of God; learning and relearning as I grow in my walk with Him.

I have had some pivotal moments in my life: an arranged marriage, meeting God, traveling to Ireland with my sister, birthing 4 sons, and a few other remarkable days which have brought me to my knees in gratitude and humility that such an awesome God would reach down and take hold of me in those places.

Each of those moments has changed me. No longer am I the hiding, afraid, and broken person I once might have been. I have discovered my value and worth, not in me, but in the eyes of God and through His family. And it is this family and this Father, who has brought me healing and hope.


This hope is why I am here and where you have found me. Soon I will retire from 28 years of teaching my children at home which now opens up time to write the next chapter of my story in this place for us to share in the amazing providence of our amazing God.

Now…………………..About this blog. 


2 thoughts on “About Shannon Coe

  1. Dear Shannon,

    The last time I ever saw you was the day of your wedding. About a week or two after that I moved to Switzerland and our paths have never crossed again. But I have followed the surface of your life by hearing that David and Shannon have a little boy, then another one and so on. I heard too that you had moved to WV and, somehow, I had a feeling, you were doing well in serving God.

    But it wasn’t until last week, when my daughter, Lana, sent me an email with a link to your story that I learned the truth about your arranged marriage. It took me a few days to get over the shock. I even called Jennifer and talked to her. She had received the same email from Lana and was having a hard time dealing with what she had learned. I have a great respect for you as a woman who has handled a nightmare situation in such a godly manner. I believe, from what I’ve read, that you are a woman after God’s own heart, willing to learn from Him, submit to His dealings and not carry bitterness and unforgiveness.

    I am still living in Switzerland, alone now, but completely fulfilled in my life and service to God here. I would dearly love to reconnect with you but I am only in the States about once a year to see my family. If we should ever be there at the same time, it would be a privilege to see you and David. Jennifer and her husband Jon are building a house in Michigan so that’s where I go to visit.

    This summer I will be visiting Lana who is living in India with her wonderful husband. Perhaps you heard that my son, Ian, died ten years ago so my kids are scattered around the galaxy.

    I am so glad to have read your story, albeit painful to hear the truth. I am grateful for the attitude of humility and submission to God that you have chosen and thankful that God has brought some healing from the past. May He continue to guide you and use you to bring healing to others.

    In love,

    Joyce Devereaux

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